Welcome to MyVirtualBraces
Why do patients come to your office? We believe your patients come to you for that great beautiful smile. Why not show them what your results can give them at their very first appointment? Easily convince them of the smile they could have and your acceptance for treatment will receive a fantastic boost. With MyVirtualBraces, you can present to your patients an end result before they begin treatment.

Seeing is believing….show your patients their own photo with a beautiful smile inserted into MyVirtualBraces. They’ve come to you as the first step. They want and deserve a beautiful smile. MyVirtualBraces offers your patients a view of the next step….with our help your patients will see the benefits of starting treatment now.

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What is MyVirtualBraces
MyVirtualBraces caters to those patients that would like to see how they’d appear in braces whether they choose metal or clear. Our program delivers colorful options for children who would like to see which color is best for their braces. Adults and Children will see the improvements a wonderful smile will give their face BEFORE starting treatment. This serves as a decision making tool for all treatment coordinators in the orthodontic industry.

Contact your previous patients that did not begin treatment due to hesitations about their appearance or those that were unsure it was worth the time and effort. Use this wonderful application to convince them the decision to begin treatment is right for them NOW!